School Battery Quest for Vermont

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Join the Vermont School Battery Quest and encourage young people to think about the importance of recycling. Challenge them to collect all their used batteries and help us recycle more than ever before! Become part of Vermont’s new school recycling program. Sign up now for updates about the 2020 School Battery Quest Contest.

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How does it work?

  1. Register your school class, group, or club for the chance to win a cash prize! (Vermont Elementary and Middle School classes, groups, or clubs for grades K-8 are eligible.)
  2. Use the downloadable resources to teach your students the importance of properly recycling batteries. (Many people don’t realize it’s against the law in Vermont to throw used batteries in the trash but batteries require special recycling and cannot go with regular recycling.)
  3. Photocopy the Student Activity Booklet for each child with instructions for students and their parents, recycling facts, battery basics, a student activity sheet, and a battery collection tracker.
  4. Encourage students to start the Quest.
  5. Collect your students’ Battery Collection Tracker forms.
  6. Report your students’ collections on the Class Recycling Tracker. Every collection enters your school to win a cash prize.